The Word of God should translate the idea of a BEING which is transcendent and absolute in glory and perfection.

God is above the work He Himself created. God is unknowable and intangible, immutable, inaccessible, imponderable. One of His attributes is His incomprehensibility.

His knowledge and His wisdom cannot be searched by the human mind. His infinite peace cannot be disturbed by the hostility of creatures in disaccord; His inaccessible light cannot be reached and dimmed by the dense darkness that surrounds a humanity eager for transitory things, nor can they be touched by the evil plans and destructive schemes, fruit of men’s ambition.

His fatherly and productive love is always busy with the betterment of His creatures’ lives, with helping and saving the failures and the fallen, continually bombarding the earth with the bright rays of this divine love, shed abroad over all, good and bad, righteous and unrighteous, as the Gospel says.

God is love, and love does not destroy, does not avenge Himself, does not send plagues and pestilences over the captives of evil and sin, does not kill anyone, but on the contrary, He imparts life.

The biblical vision expounded here does not, in any moment, dispute the person of God the Father of Jesus Christ neither argue His work or the Holy Scriptures. There is not any reference here that may blemish the person of Jesus Christ or His Church in all its forms, either. We have a deep appreciation for the Jewish people, a people of strength and faith, which reached the present times through millenniums of persecutions and destructions in captivities.

The book “JEHOVAH, A FALSE GOD?”, result of 40 years of exhaustive research  on the God of the Hebrews, and on the God and Father of Jesus Christ, was issued towards the end of 1990. The arguments it contains are drawn from the Holy Scriptures, and through them we prove that the Scriptures make mention of various gods, and not just one.

We have to clothe ourselves with an investigative and critical spirit in order to look at the things around us, and to no longer passively receive the biased dogmas of men. We have to check the veracity of the facts against the Holy Scriptures. We have to read the Bible more, counting on the discernment of the Holy Spirit in our search for answers to the enigmas and mysteries of the Bible.

We are aware of the controversial aspect of the issues here, but our desire is to lay out in love, gentleness and respect, through the study of the Bible, what Jesus Christ has brought about to His Church. We believe that the vision here displayed will bring light to many aspects of the Bible previously “unexplainable”, and we bring about arguments that will revolutionize the Church of our days in the same way as Paul revolutionized the Church of his time.

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